Buying a home in a developing DFW community

Tips for buying a home in a developing DFW community

The DFW metroplex is expanding quickly. New home developments are popping up everywhere. We bought our home 3 years ago and since then we have heard the complaints by our neighbors about various things.Here are 5 tips I have when buying a new home in a developing community. A majority of complaints fall into these 5 categories.

If planning to purchase a home in a developing DFW (or I assume any community) most common complaints could be addressed if prospective home buyers:

1) Are diligent when choosing their builder, monitor building process closely at every stage.

2) Are diligent when choosing home site (what is planned in the future by the home site, is there going to be something built in the vicinity of your home that you would not be supportive of?) I called into the town several times to confirm if their were plans (or not plans for things). In our neighborhood there is a street that backs up to the railroad. You wouldn’t believe how many people complained about the noise. Some lots had a park planned for across the street. You guessed it- people “had no idea” and they didn’t want the park or the traffic. I knew about all these things because I didn’t want any surprises. Do your homework. Don’t be one to say, “I thought…” you need to know. Write it all down- who told you what and when. This way you have documentation if someone goes back on their word.

3) Review the past activities/events that have been hosted at the community center. Are they sufficient for your family- do you need to be entertained more or in a different way? “I thought we were going to have a fitness class… I thought there was going to be a weekly kids art class… I thought…” If the classes/events/activities hosted by the HOA in the past are not sufficient for your family, don’t expect much to change when you move into the community.

4) Gather information from several sources, not just your realtor, builder, or some random Facebook review. Some parties have a vested interest in which home you chose and will likely tell you anything. If having X amenity is extremely important to your family, be sure to verify by several parties that it is planned- not just confirmed by one eager sales person. Realtors are often offered incentives to sell homes in certain communities. Even though we absolutely love and adored our realtor, always take into consideration and question the reason they are so adamant about a particular neighborhood.

5) Expect noise and flat tires. When you finally move into the community, understand that others will be building around you. It seems like common sense, but it can be frustrating when roofers and nailing at sunrise. This is a new community. Houses are being built. Craftsman will play their music and nails will be left in the road. Trash will blow from the job site to your front yard. If your community is flourishing, building goes by quick and this all resolves.

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