Lover of gardening, crafting, & strong coffee.

Hi. My name is Sabrina.

My house smells like freshly brewed coffee, art projects, and Ms. Meyers Honeysuckles hand soap.

I fully embrace the salty smell on my boy’s skin after they play outside, naps in the car, and evening walks in the neighborhood.

I wears jeans, Samoan Sand nail polish by OPI, Alien perfume, and MAC’s Velvet Teddy lipstick with unwavering loyalty.

7B203070-A1C7-4ADC-9326-1233CFE99A52Random Facts:

My middle name is Melati, which is a type of jasmine… thus the jasmine in my logo.

My grandpa (aka Toky) nicknamed my Sabby when I was a little girl.

My husband and I have been together since high school.

I am actually a pescatarian (only eat fish)- some kids didn’t like tomatoes, I didn’t like chicken or beef and it stuck. My husband and boys do eat meat, so creating meal plans with the help of allrecipes.com is important because while I cook the meat, I do not eat it. I rely on others reviews in the meat department.

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