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The Kids Winter Hat


The Kids Winter Hat is great for every day wear and winter photoshoots. The fluffy pom-pom embraces the nostalgia of a cold weather season hat.

My boys share things. So one hat that fits both boys (18 months old & 4 Years old) solves the “I can’t find the right hat that fits” problem. This is The Family Winter Hat to end all winter hats. It’s hand knit out of 100% Wool and is embellished (optional) with a custom hand stamped aluminum washer. For my boys, I added our last name so it doesn’t get lost in the lost and found at preschool. For my younger son, I roll it up. For my older son I roll it up less.

Made from 100% wool in Purple & Navy & 16 gauge aluminum stamping washer.

Care: Wash gently by hand in water (not exceeding 30 degrees Celsius/86 degrees fahrenheit. Do not bleach. After extraction of excess water, dry the article on a suitable flat surface. Do not iron or press. Do not dry-clean.

Size: Hat measures approx. 9″ tall (unfolded) and 18″ circumference (relaxed). See pictures above. Boys pictures above are 18 months (18″ head circumference) and 4 years (20″ head circumference).

*Black and white pictures are to show the fit of the hat on different sized heads. For simplicity and quality, I only knit one size and style hat. All the hats in the Miss Sabby Knits Etsy store are the same style, but with different colored wool. For smaller heads, roll the hat up more.

*Customize Ring (optional): up to 10 letters- no characters, written on the top. *Due to the handcrafted nature of this product, there is a “homemade” look to the stamping letters. Letters may appear off center, and darker/lighter as in picture above.

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