Spirit DFW-LAX for $82.40 roundtrip

*Post written & Prices accurate as of 10/20/2018

I love living in Dallas because you can basically fly anywhere in 3ish hours. Spirit airlines offers some awesome deals if you plan on flying light.

Here is a deal I found if you want to take a day trip to Los Angeles:

spirit flight .png

Take a look at the calendar above. There are so many dates that say $61.19 one way “departing” calendar. If you click on the same day in the “arriving” calendar, there is another flight leaving LAX to DFW the same day for $61.19. Of course you can stay as long as you like, as long as you depart on a day that lists the price at $61.19. This way the roundtrip price works out to $82.40 roundtrip.

spirit flight charges.png

After declining the $9 fare club and other add ons, you will reach a screen like the one above with a total of $122.38 for each round trip ticket.

Here’s the catch…

It is always cheaper to purchase Spirit flights at the airport. See where it has a “passenger usage charge” in the flight purchase charge? Well, take that off if you buy it at the airport.

This would calculate the price at the airport to:

$122.38-$39.98= $82.40 ROUND TRIP DFW to LAX

Here’s another deal:

DFW to DEN.png

$102.40 – $39.98= $62.40 ROUNDTRIP DFW to DEN

Safe travels!

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