Cat Litter in Garage


This project has been a fantasy of mine for quiet sometime. It was incredibly simple. We purchased a cat door on amazon. We purchased this one. We also had to get the wall liner so it was thick enough to go into the garage. We followed the directions- it was simple to install.

We then constructed a simple “cage” to put in the garage. It has a little door to get the litter boxes in and out to clean.


We fit two litter boxes inside. We started by putting the cats inside the cage and then they were able to find their way out by pushing on the cat door.


I ABSOLUTELY LOVE having the litter boxes in the garage. Since our cats are indoor only, it has been great for them to leave the smell in the garage. I hated having the litter boxes in the laundry room because I would have to leave the door propped open. This way, the cats can go in and out and it doesn’t smell up our house. Plus when we park in the garage, we have to walk by the boxes- a constant reminder to clean them.



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